Sabotaging your SUCCESS Story?

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation. 
~Brian Tracy

Sometimes it feels like the stars align and success after success comes your way, and at other times, we struggle to see that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. In my experience, the one thing that is generally blocking my road to success is someone very close to me…actually, very, very close to me. I see her every single day…In the mirror!

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As Entrepreneurs, one of the things that make us “tick” are all of the ideas that flow through our heads, just like water keeps coming out of a spring. You know the feeling…You are brainstorming with friends, co-workers or someone from your industry and the idea bombs just start exploding in your head! As Entrepreneurs, we LOVE this! This fuels our fire, and we can’t wait to start working on the next project. Meanwhile the former “new” project languishes in a forgotten folder on your desk.

Give Success Time to Develop

Today we’re going to take a look at three or four steps that we can take to get through those times when we need to move forward, but are stuck in neutral.  We have got to have a plan in place to capture those thoughts, prioritize them, and FOCUS on only a few of them at a time. It’s not that we can’t explore some new possibilities for our life and for our business, it is just that to be successful we need to give time for each project to develop.

I love this article from Jon Gordon about his journey to success, “I want you to know there’s no overnight success. There’s a story behind every achievement and it’s filled with sweat, pain, hard work, struggle, tears and joy….Wherever you are on your journey, stay positive, keep doing the work, keep improving.” If you’ve been an entrepreneur for more than five minutes, you will resonate with this story!

1.Take Responsibility!

Success is nothing but a series of all the right choices you make. Accept full responsibility for every single thing that happens in your life. Don’t blame others. Don’t blame circumstances. Don’t blame what you lack. You will always have choices to make in every situation, and these choices each have their own consequences. Make the right choices, because they will either steer you a little bit closer to your goals, or away from them.

As Entrepreneurs on the Road to Remarkable, RESPONSIBILITY must be Numero Uno!  Your team needs to know that the buck stops with you, that you are the captain of the ship, and that you are invested in their success along with the success of the business. You must take the reigns and not play the blame game when something in your business goes wrong.

2. Be Original and Creative

Are you doing the same thing everyone else is doing? Stocking the same merchandise as the store down the street? Your business needs to be unique if you want to stand out in the crowded marketplace. There is nothing wrong with getting ideas and inspiration from others, and you can even copy to a certain extent, but in the end, let your authentic and genuine self shine through. I love to share ideas and creative thinking with colleagues and members of our Mastermind Group, but when I get home and implement those ideas into our business, it will still have the “Adrian’s Twist” to it.

Your “quirkiness” is what makes independent businesses stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd. When other’s ZIG, you ZAG, when other’s YING, you YANG! Our retail store, Adrian’s Boutique has “Never Ordinary” printed on our VIP Bags this year as a reminder to our clients {and staff members} that they can expect the “unexpected” when they stop by for their next visit.

What can you do in YOUR business to avoid the pitfalls of “Ordinary”? Be the lawn service that hosts an appreciation Backyard BBQ for your clients? Our friends, Ben and Marlene Miller of Stutzman’s Greenhouse stood out last fall by hosting a Fashion Show in their beautiful greenhouse…and over 600 guests arrived to be WOWed! Go outside your comfort zone…dare to be one of a kind!

3.Failure is part of the Success Process

Screenshot 2014-07-29 07.41.24Although we wish that every promotion, event or idea that we implement in our business would be a huge success, that just isn’t the case.  Many years ago when “Dreamsicles” were a hot collectible, we created an event to host in the store for our collectors.  We sent out postcard invitations, decorated the store with lots of flowers and ribbon, and invited one of our favorite reps, Jim Root to come in and be our VIP host. Of course, we had ordered a beautiful cake with the little Dreamsicle figures on it and were all prepared when the doors opened at 10 am.  Then, {wait for it} crickets! No one came!

We ate a lot of cake that day, and even tried to get our rep to dress up like a Dreamsicle while we waited, and later on a few people did came by to see all of our “beautiful” Dreamsicle figurines.

Imagine what would have happened if we had stopped doing EVENTS after that one failure! We would have settled for ORDINARY and missed out on the thousands and thousands of people that have come to Events at Adrians over the years. We chose NOT to call this a failure, just a learning experience on our way to SUCCESS.

The men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed. Lloyd Jones

We could have been one of the many retailers that I have talked to that say “Oh, I tried doing an event and no one came. My customers don’t like that kind of thing.” Is this you? Wake up! It’s time to get back on the horse! Take action and get some “failures” under your belt. Success will come!

Stop holding yourself back!

Take a look in the mirror. Are you holding yourself back from becoming a success? Are you sabotaging your success by sleeping in, not preparing to go in and lead your team, chatting on Facebook when you should be working on your business and treating your business like a hobby?  Are you “dressing for success?” You can make a change and turn your ship around today. It’s time to get in the channel and find out where the fish are.

Get a fresh hairstyle, dress a little more professionally and yes, I am speaking to both men and women including those of you who own a service business such as lawn maintenance or HVAC. Wash your truck, get a logo and start acting like a business person. Stop being your own road block!

Time to Go and Grow

I must go now…time to get a haircut, do some shopping, log off of Facebook, wash my Suburban, and take some of my own advice! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of both your professional and personal lives. I absolutely LOVE independent business, and it is just awesome to be a teeny tiny part of your success story.

As always, we love to hear how your journey on the Road to Remarkable is going, so please leave a comment below or send me an email with your thoughts and ideas.  Thank you for helping us build the “Remarkable Retailer” TRIBE…please share this website with other business professionals in your circle!

See you next time!

Vicki Adrian

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