Podcast 009: TJ Reid ~ The FASHION Advantage

“So glad you’re here!”

With her warm southern accent and lady-like charm shining through, this is the way today’s guest, TJ Reid, greets store owners as they arrive at one of her many seminars across the country. Today, I am excited to introduce you to a woman who is one of America’s most knowledgeable experts on the topics of fashion retail, small business, promotions, advertising, and customer service.

Fashion AdvantageT.J. Reid has commanded over 2,000 successful workshops, written many best-selling retail business books, and is now Editor/Publisher of FASHION ADVANTAGE, the only magazine for small specialty stores, in its 26th year of publication with thousands of readers throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. FASHION ADVANTAGE is considered “The voice of today’s small retailer.”

I have personally been a long time subscriber to Fashion Advantage and read each issue from cover to cover.  TJ’s knowledge and hands-on advice comes from her over 50 years of experience (she started very young!) in this industry as a small store owner, QVC on-air personality, buyer, accessory designer, sales trainer, special events planner,  and consultant. (Add wife & mother!)  Click the link above to listen to the interview.

The Interview
We had the chance to sit down and visit about running your Small Business WELL at the WWIN Show (Women’s Wear In Nevada) in Las Vegas, Nevada.  TJ hosts seminars at major markets around the country and her followers are both loyal and lucky! TJ’s fans are loyal to her as she works very hard to provide value to each of the Fashion Advantage Members.  They are lucky as well! TJ scours the markets and has deep relationships with vendors that she negotiates special offers with which is a WIN-WIN for both retailers and wholesalers.

TJ Fashion Advantage CoverSubscribe!
If you are thinking about or already own a women’s retail fashion business or if you are bringing in more and more fashion items into your existing store’s product mix, I would highly recommend that you SUBSCRIBE and join Fashion Advantage, America’s ONLY magazine for the small specialty store retailer. (And I would add that it’s a bargain at only $99 per year!)

But wait, there’s more.
Fashion Advantage is also a group of small store owners who daily network and share with each other. Their magazine is published 5 times a year in print, and weekly by email, Fashion Advantage is now in its 26th year, and has been a five-time first place winner in the magazine category by The National Federation of Press Women. Judges stated no other magazine among the 1500 entries they received was more appropriate for its target audience. It certainly is “The voice of today’s small retailer!”

Consulting/Retail Service
Fashion Advantage is a magazine AND a consulting/retail service all in one. It is all about the retail fashion business with advice on buying, selling, display, merchandising and marketing,  and social media, featuring advertising from prominent manufacturers in the industry.

Contributors include some of the nation’s top business and fashion experts such as by Karron Little of Billye Little Services in Dallas,  Fashion Express of NY, Fashion & Beyond of NY, Rick  Segel, Matt Hudson, Bob Negen, Bob Phibbs, , Barbara Wold, Jodell Raymond, and other retail experts and retailers nationwide.

Whether it’s store promotions, off-price buying, NY trips or how to accept a return – the answer is in Fashion Advantage. If it’s not, subscribers know that T.J. is just a phone call away. She doesn’t claim to know it all – but she knows someone that does!

TJ Reid Summer TourNetworking
Fashion Advantage offers Buyer Networking sessions at markets on a frequent basis, a booth in Las Vegas at the WWIN Show twice a year, and an annual retail retreat for members.  TJ is absolutely COMMITTED to the SUCCESS of her members! Schedules are posted on her website. I have met so many savvy shopkeepers who freely share their best resources at TJ’s Networking events…attending her events is a great investment of your time at market!

Have YOU Subscribed?
Fashion Advantage costs only $99 annually, AND it has a MONEY- BACK GUARANTEE! Any subscriber may cancel at any time and receive their money back if not completely satisfied. T.J. promises each magazine will net retailers profits that will far exceed their subscription fee. How can you lose???? New members receive copies of 3 of T.J.’s best-selling books as a welcome gift, for only the cost of shipping and handling. Click HERE to Subscribe to Fashion Advantage.

Thank You!
TJ was a gracious and generous guest, and I am thankful she took time out of her very busy schedule to talk with me.  As always, my goal is that you get at least one little piece of advice or information that will help you transform your business.  We all have the goal to become “Remarkable Retailers” and TJ has shared some information to get us going on the path to success.

Thank you for joining us today for this episode of “Remarkable Retailer.” I hope you enjoyed listening to my interview with TJ Reid as much as I enjoyed visiting with her, and that you’ve found some tips, tools and tactics for taking your business to the next level.

Contact TJ Reid

As always, I am available to answer questions, share thoughts and ideas and am willing to help you in any way that I can. Just send me an email at Vicki@RemarkableRetailer.com or give me a call.

Until next time…Remember, you always have choices in life… Choose to be Remarkable!

~Vicki Adrian

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My recommendation for the above magazine and membership group is purely from my experience in our retail store. No compensation has been offered or required for this testimonial….I am a big fan of TJ’s program and highly recommend it! ~Vicki Adrian

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