Podcast 015: Fabulous Friday: Theming your Days – Email Resend, Mastermind Group, Time on the Floor

Block Scheduling – Theme your Days
Fabulous Friday: Prepare Email Resend, Mastermind Meeting,Time on the Floor

This episode was originally recorded as a LIVE Periscope Episode, #122

We’ve been talking a lot about Theming Your Days here at Remarkable Retailer!
If you’re new to the Remarkable Retailer, today’s episode is the sixth part of a series on Theming Your Work Week and in case you missed either the introduction, or the first 5 episodes, you can easily get caught up by going back through the podcast episodes posted here on Remaarkable Retailer.

Several months ago I implemented a simple technique that has helped me become more efficient, get more done and makes my life a little less hectic. After a conversation with a member of my Mastermind Group, Carol Keplinger, from Timeless Traditions last week, I recorded Episode 117 as an overview of how to block schedule your work, and have decided to focus on this subject on our scopes each day this week.

It’s called theming your days.

Whether you love planning and execution or hate it, theming your days can help you do both without having to hold actual planning sessions and meetings with yourself every day. There’s nothing complicated about it…in fact, this has become a habit in my life that has almost become second nature. Although never perfect, it is a way that even when you are super busy and can be pulled into a million directions, it brings you back into focus, at least once per day.

Today we’re going to focus on Friday’s theme: Prepare Email Resend, EntreLeadership Class & Time on the Floor

In our business, our Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are slower, and business picks up Thursday, Friday & Saturday. This is why in the “Theming Your Days” plan that I use, the first part of the week is used for concentrated, detail work. Financials on Monday, Email & Social Media Marketing on Tuesday & Connection – Building professional relationships & education on Wednesday. Things change later in the week! The last half of the week we are busier with customers in the store, getting ready for weekend events, sometimes we have an outside retail show on the weekend, etc.

So here’s what our Fabulous Friday looks like: What is going on for the weekend (we call the weekend Thursday, Friday & Saturday) in our shop. Many times we have an event going on and that really determines what our day looks like. If possible, I like to be on the floor as much as I can be on Friday’s, but here is what goes on behind the scenes in the office…

Email: 2nd Chance at Success
I love to give our weekly email (created this last Tuesday) a second chance at success! We re-send this email to only the people that DID NOT OPEN it earlier in the week, and we usually get an additional 600 – 900 opens on that email. It takes 5-10 minutes to do this and is well worth it! I have a little step-by-step tutorial on exactly how to do this that I will be happy to email out to you. Just email Vicki@RemarkableRetailer.com with 2nd Chance in the subject line and I will get it right out for you.

Maybe your earlier email just didn’t hit them at the right time of the week…by sending out to only those that didn’t open earlier, you’re not “over-emailing” to the clients that do open your weekly emails! This has been a great method for us and we have consistently done this for over a year now.

There is also catching up that will need to be done in the office, a couple of quick Facebook posts to keep it “real” (remember that most of our Facebook posts were done back on Tuesday for the week), and just making sure that any essential emails are answered, schedules are done, etc.

Today’s ACTION Plan:

Like I’ve pointed out in previous episodes, I want to be in full disclosure here…just in case you think that my week runs in perfectly with the themes I have on each day, it just doesn’t work out like that! My life has it’s fair share of craziness just like yours does. We’re all about keeping it REAL here on Remarkable Retailer!

However, by theming your days, you know right where to get back on to get your most important work done! Another thing to keep in mind is that if you get “off schedule” you just start back with today’s theme! Make up only those tasks that are essential to running your business and move along…you will catch up next week.

Also, I don’t spend all day working only on the “theme” for that day. The change I have made though, is that I am not jumping around from theme to theme as I know that if it is marketing work, it will be done on Tuesday. If it is financial, I will take care of it on Monday, etc. Of course, there are always going to be exceptions and you must personalize this to your business!

Whatever business you are in, I would encourage you to give “Theming” a try! Our goal is to encourage retailers and entrepreneurs to have a successful business and a somewhat
well balanced life.

Also, if you’re interested in the Step by Step Tutorial on giving your weekly emails a second chance at success, just email Vicki@RemarkableRetailer.com with “2nd Chance” in the subject line, and I will get it right out for you! 

I know TIME is your MOST VALUABLE ASSET, and I never want to waste a single minute… THANK YOU so much for joining me today! I love being a part of this group of Remarkable Retailers!

My goal is to bring daily energy, experience and insight along with tips and tactics to help you grow your business!

If you’ve just discovered us here at Remarkable Retailer, let me introduce myself: my name is Vicki Adrian…I have been a small business owner of Adrian’s Boutique in the community of Buhler, Kansas for over 33 years. I love to brainstorm and bring experience and insight to help small business owners thrive in today’s economy. I believe that the BEST way to build a successful business is to create a Rock Solid Client List and then to take care of those customers for life!  

If you would like to work with me to Build Daily Habits and grow your business, You can get in touch with me at Vicki@RemarkableRetailer.com. I would love to set up a time for an appointment to “Talk Shop” with you!

If you would prefer to watch the video of this episode, just click image below.

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