Podcast 010: Introduction: Theme Your Work Week to GET THINGS DONE!

Getting Things Done!

Several years ago, I read the book, “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.  I have also listened to this book on Audible several times, and like to re-visit the methods and advice David gives in this book on systems and processes as I need them a couple of times a year.  Like many of you, I can easily be distracted and fall back into a state of overwhelm if I don’t keep things organized on a daily basis!

Overcoming Overwhelm…

One of the “Getting Things Done” systems that I put into place a couple of years ago is having a set of file folders in the desk drawer that is closest to me.  This is a very simple system, but it works for me!

It has the following files:


Monday = Financials
Tuesday = Create Email/Social Media
Wednesday = Connect with Other Retailers/Entrepreneurs
Thursday = Prep for Weekend
Friday =  Floor Time/Office Catch Up
Saturday = Customer Care/Sales

Screenshot 2016-03-06 17.10.53January – December
Next, I have a folder for each month, January through December with the current month at the front of the file.  I did have 1-31 days of the month folders for a while, but found that I just didn’t use them very much.

This system, although so very simple and uncomplicated, has been invaluable to help keep me organized.  It is a place for all of those little notes, articles, papers, and messages to go.  I suppose you could do this all in your computer, and I am very connected to technology, however, there still needs to be a place for that paper to go!

Low Tech System
Here’s how I use this low-tech system.  Let’s say it’s mid-January and I receive my passes for the next Market that will take place in March.  I put them into the March folder.  Now, when March arrives, and I’m getting ready to head out the door, I don’t need to be searching for those passes…they are in the March folder.  Maybe I get an idea for a promotion that would be great to do in August…it goes in the July file, so I can prep and promote for August.

Daily Folders
How do I use the Monday – Saturday folders?  Since I started “Theming my Work Days” it makes this really efficient.  If it is financial, it goes in the Monday folder.  If it’s information that I want to include in my email newsletter, it goes in the Tuesday folder since I do all social media and write my weekly email to clients on Tuesdays.  If it is a business card for someone I met at market and want to follow up on, it goes in the Wednesday folder since Wednesday is the day I intentionally reach out to other retailers or entrepreneurs.

Digital Sticky Notes
I talk to retailers and entrepreneurs from all over the country, and most of us seem to struggle with getting and staying organized.  My friend, Carol Keplinger, owner of Timeless Traditions in Overland Park, Kansas, has been a real inspiration to me to keep striving for better organization methods and systems. She gave me a great idea to put on my laptop’s desktop.  It is just a sticky note for each day of the week, with that day’s theme listed. When you think of something you need to do, just add to that day’s sticky note! I love it!

Just Do It!
Whatever you use, whether you’re a high-tech “Paperless” person, a low-tech “Paper” person, or like me, somewhere in-between, I think we need a starting place.  Find some file folders and give David’s “system” a try. If nothing else, it is a great place to start!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, I would certainly recommend reading a book like “Getting Things Done” or listen to it on Audible for a much more comprehensive approach to organizing your work life! However, don’t wait to get started! Don’t procrastinate and wait until you find the “Perfect” decorative folders…Find some manila file folders and get started TODAY!  You can always refine and upgrade later!

Our next post will focus on choosing a THEME for each work day, and the amazing productivity increase you will see when you schedule BLOCKS of TIME to get your most important work DONE!

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