Podcast 004: Ready for your next Opportunity?

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Thank you for taking time to listen to today’s Remarkable Retailer Podcast. We’re going to look at Preparing for Opportunities that will come your way.

Which Comes First?
It’s always hard to know which comes first, the Opportunity or the Preparation. I think it always goes hand in hand. We are “given” opportunities because of preparation and follow through we have done on other projects. When one of your staff members really steps up to the plate and delivers an exceptional project or does a great job in a particular area, it is easy to open the door for additional opportunities to that person. In the same way, as leaders of our team, when we are given an opportunity, we need to go outside of our comfort zone, walk through those doors, and take the leap!

Recent Fashion Show = OPPORTUNITY for Growth
In this episode, we talk about a recent Fashion Show and Gourmet Dinner that our store hosted for about 165 ladies. There were some real challenges to hosting this event. First of all, our store is too small to host that type of a crowd, and in our little town, there isn’t a restaurant or venue that would seat that many people. We had to think creatively and “outside the box” and host this event in a neighboring town about 15 miles away. This provided lots of opportunity to be very well prepared by the night our event rolled around!

We had to coordinate models, a trailer to transport all of the clothing, decorations, goodie bags for our attendees, staff members and more. Because the private club has other events during the day, we had a limited time for setting up our event. This made coordinating and planning our schedule down to the minute even more important. Fortunately, this was the fourth time we have hosted a large event like this and we have learned a lot along the way! We still struggled with some last minute details! Fortunately, those were all behind the scenes and the night was magical for our clients!

Adopt a Resilient Attitude
Things do go wrong…Maybe your Power Point goes down during a presentation, your newspaper ad doesn’t make the paper for a big event at your business, or your right hand man gives their 2 week notice…all of this is part of the life of an Entrepreneur. That attitude of resilience is invaluable for a business owner. It is vitally important to have a support team in place before things go wrong. There is something so calming in knowing that you have a fellow business owner on speed dial that you can call, get a little encouragement or maybe a swift kick in the patootie, and then just keep on moving forward.

Do Something!
It’s time to take action! What have you been putting off that you could give 30 minutes or an hour to, in order to make progress towards your goals today? I want to encourage you to do something– right now. Choose one thing; make that one phone call, answer that one email, place that one order, complete and check off one item on your To-Do list. Do something for your business or life TODAY that will get you moving forward and help you reach your goals. Sound good?

As always, we love to hear how your journey on the Road to Remarkable is going, so please leave a comment below or send me an email with your thoughts and ideas. Please leave a comment below of what you’re about to do (sort of like a pledge), and let’s see how much we can all get done today.

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See you next time!
Vicki Adrian
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