Email Marketing: Second Chance at Success! (Part Two of Two)

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

~Chinese Proverb

“The botanical basis of this proverb is clear enough. Because it takes a long time to grow a tree, to have a nice-sized tree today, one should have planted it 20 years ago. But the second part of the proverb makes it clear that there is no sense in putting off planting a tree into the future because they take so long to grow. In fact, because they take so long to grow, the sooner they are planted the better, and planting a tree today is preferable to planting one next week.” David Mermin

Second Chance Email Marketing

So what does all of this talk about planting trees have to do with running a small business?

In talking with retailers and small business owners from around the country, I hear a very common theme when it comes to Email Marketing…they know that they should do it, they just don’t get it done! Despite all of the statistics and research that proves that email is an extremely effective tool to communicate with their clients, most retailers are not getting a regular, weekly email out to their customers. We need to find a way to simplify the process and maximize the time investment!

In Part One of this series, we provided you with a FREE E-Book on Email Marketing. Today we’re going to give you an easy method that I accidentally stumbled upon to get up to 50% more opens from the emails that you do create. It’s worth clicking the link and reading the rest of this post!

Second Chance at Success
Screenshot 2015-02-11 20.53.02I truly wish I could remember which Podcast I was listening to last November when I first heard the concept of Second Chance Emails.  If I ever find the source I will come back in here and give them the due credit that they deserve! It was a crazy busy time of the year, and we were emailing our clients every week, sometimes even twice a week to keep them updated on all of the store’s new arrivals, special offers and holiday survival ideas. Because of my hectic schedule, I was generally emailing our clients at night.  Our OPEN rates were running about 17 – 19% which is pretty typical at that time of the year.

Then, one morning while getting ready for work, I was listening to a Podcast and someone mentioned that they give their emails a “Second Chance at Success” by RE-SENDING the email that they had already created and sent a day or two later at a different time of the day then their original email had been sent. Of course my ears picked up on that one, and I filed it away to give it a try later.

First try at Second Chance for Success
After arriving at work, and getting the day off to a start, I remembered that little tidbit from my morning Podcast and decided to give it a try. I took the email that I had created and sent on a Thursday night, and re-sent it again on a Friday morning (I couldn’t wait two days!) Here’s what happened:

Screenshot 2015-02-03 21.42.22

I was pretty impressed! It had taken a little trial and error to create my new “unopened” list in Constant Contact and about 20 minutes to get it done, but I was pretty thrilled to get 1,401 ADDITIONAL people to OPEN our email!  These were people who had received the original email, but for one reason or another just didn’t get it opened.

Second Time Around
It took so little work to copy and “tweak” my original email, create a new email list from the “unopened” file, and resend the email, that I decided to give it another go a few days later.  Here are the statistics from that “Second Chance Send.”

Screenshot 2015-02-03 21.41.24

I have continued to use the Second Send method since discovering the ease and benefits of doing it.  We have averaged from 650 – 1,200 ADDITIONAL opens for our emails each time we re-send. One thing to remember is that you are not re-sending to anyone who opened your first email, the only people on your re-send list did not open the first email.

The Creative Work is Already Done!
The best part of this is that you have already done the work of creating your original email.  I do move a couple of things around in the design, just in case a customer goes back through and opens their original email. Here are the details that I change in my second send:

  • Change the Subject Line slightly
  • Move one article block from the middle or bottom of page up to the top area to change it up a bit
  • Change any references to specific dates (Example: If a promotion originally started on Wednesday and it is now Friday morning, I change headline to say “Now through Monday” instead of “Wednesday through Monday”

Track Record
I have continued to send most of my original emails on a Wednesday or Thursday evening, depending on the week’s events, with a re-send on Friday or Saturday morning. We have experimented with doing the first send during morning hours with the second send during evening hours and the results are very similar.

Here’s How to Get it Done
We have created a short (8 minute) video tutorial, “Email Marketing: Second Chance at Success,”  to walk you through the steps to getting this done.  After you use this method just a couple of times, you’ll have it down with no problem.  If you have any questions after watching the video, please feel free to contact me.  I hope you will have even better results using the Second Chance at Success with your Email Marketing, and that it helps deepen the relationship you have with your clients. Click image below to watch Video.

Screenshot 2015-02-03 22.21.49

Sara Bowers Slaughter from Brianne’s Boutique in Indiana gave it a try…Here’s what she said “Thank you to Vicki Meyer Adrian for sharing the tip about re-sending emails to those who did not open it the first time! I used it for the first time last week, and our email open rate jumped up almost 10%!”  I love that! Congratulations Sara!

Today is a Great Day to Start Building Your Tribe
When you’re working to build your Tribe, one of the most important things is to stay in contact with your people.  One of the best ways to do that consistently is through a weekly email.  Our customers are busy and sometimes those emails don’t get opened right away, or they get buried by the onslaught of mail that is arriving into their in-box. That’s why it is important to give them a second chance to take a look!

The Second Best Day
“…The proverb says today is the second best day to plant the tree. Today is not a bad day for planting; today is not too late.  In fact, today is the second best of all possible days, the Silver Medal of days. And so much better than never.  If you already missed your chance for the Gold Medal of days, be glad today you still have the chance to take the Silver.” ~David Mermin

I am really excited to see the statistics of other entrepreneurs who give this a try. Please give it a shot and let me know how it works for you! Just leave your comments and/or statistics in the comment box below and I will get back to you!

One final example from our second chance theme – the best time to re-start a lapsed blog was the week after a missed post. The next best time was today. So that’s just what I did. Thank for for joining me on this Journey to Remarkable!

~Vicki Adrian

Join myself and many other small business owners who are on the Road to Remarkable! We love to hear from you! Please click the comment box below and leave a note. Thank you!


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