Remarkable Retailer’s Build Your Tribe: Email Marketing 101

RR e-Book on Email 2014 COVER PHOTO“An individual artist {retailer} needs only a thousand true fans in her tribe. It’s enough.” ~Seth Godin, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us.

Remarkable Retailers know that Relationship Marketing has always been in style! Back in the early 80’s when we were starting our retail business, we collected our customers physical address on a handwritten list, then typed up labels on our ultra-high-tech IBM Selectric Typewritter and kept them informed our our Holiday Open House (the only “event” we did for the first several years), and an occasional Sidewalk Sale. Have things changed as much for you as they have for me?  

Fast forward to the digital age, where it is a non-negotiable standard for our staff members to request full contact information from each guest, so that we can begin to build a relationship with them.  We are in touch a minimum of once per week via email, and this consistency of reaching out to our guests has allowed us to build an amazing business in a very small farming community in the middle of Kansas. Maybe you’re located in the middle of a metroplex instead of out in the country…the same principles and commitment to consistency will absolutely work for you in your business.  

I have worked with retailers in about every type of location, and helped them to develop their Relationship Marketing Calendar, and to get it done, not just once, but week after week! This E-Book on Building your Tribe through Email Marketing leads you through simple steps so that you can create an email marketing plan, set up an email service provider, and the tricks and tools it takes to get it done on a weekly basis.  

It is geared towards Retailers, but would really work in a variety of businesses.  We talk about topics such as: *Why Email in a Social Media World? *The importance of being the “Rainmaker” for your business. *The Gold Client List *WWIFM (What’s In It For Me?) It’s all about the customer! *How to “Git ‘R Done”! …and more!

The Remarkable Retailer’s “Build Your Tribe: Email Marketing 101” is presented in a very easy to understand and navigate format, so that even people with limited knowledge of digital marketing will greatly benefit from it.  This 25 page E-Book will save you time, money and frustration as you build your tribe of true fans! Click Link to 25 page E-Book will be delivered to your email account.