Email Marketing: Second Chance at Success! (Part Two of Two)

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

~Chinese Proverb

“The botanical basis of this proverb is clear enough. Because it takes a long time to grow a tree, to have a nice-sized tree today, one should have planted it 20 years ago. But the second part of the proverb makes it clear that there is no sense in putting off planting a tree into the future because they take so long to grow. In fact, because they take so long to grow, the sooner they are planted the better, and planting a tree today is preferable to planting one next week.” David Mermin

Second Chance Email Marketing

So what does all of this talk about planting trees have to do with running a small business?

In talking with retailers and small business owners from around the country, I hear a very common theme when it comes to Email Marketing…they know that they should do it, they just don’t get it done! Despite all of the statistics and research that proves that email is an extremely effective tool to communicate with their clients, most retailers are not getting a regular, weekly email out to their customers. We need to find a way to simplify the process and maximize the time investment!

In Part One of this series, we provided you with a FREE E-Book on Email Marketing. Today we’re going to give you an easy method that I accidentally stumbled upon to get up to 50% more opens from the emails that you do create. It’s worth clicking the link and reading the rest of this post!