Overcoming an Imperfect Boss

“He’s just an imperfect human being doing the best he can. Just like you.” ~Karin Hurt

I ordered a copy of this little book after coming across it on a google search for books that lead to being a better boss.  Its name caught my attention because like most every boss, I am imperfect in many ways, and thought I could get some pointers in how I can relate to my staff better.  I don’t think anyone sets out to be an imperfect, demanding, cold-hearted or unprofessional boss (Remember the movie 9 to 5?), but there are times when we could all use a little (or a lot) of coaching in this area.

Karen presents her book in a small workbook form with a paragraph or two about a “situation” between a boss and a staff member. She then follows it up with “Advice” for each situation.  Remember, this book is written to someone trying to deal with an imperfect boss; however, I believe that as leaders of our group, it helps to see ourselves through the eyes of our staff members. I found it to be very practical and enlightening.  Some stories are funny and some are very serious.

Businesses with multiple locations or a hierarchy of managers, assistant managers, etc. would do well to share this book with the leaders on their teams.  Here is what some other business leaders have to say about Karin’s book:

“Listen to Karin Hurt. She developed her own career – and the careers of others – by practicing the principles in this gem of a book. Must reading for every front-line supervisor and mid-level manager, who wants to move up the ladder. A quick read that lasts a lifetime.”

“Karin Hurt has written a great book, for both the new and seasoned manager on the unique and complex challenges of leadership. This book should be part of every training program for developing the perfect boss in today’s dynamic a global business environment.”

“Practical and pragmatic with an emphasis on taking action. In this outstanding book, Karin has provided a road map to improving and maximizing your relationship with your boss, even if he/she is a jerk.”

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Click HERE to order “Overcoming an Imperfect Boss” by Karin Hurt

Vicki Adrian

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