Vicki Meyer Adrian

Name-Tag-matchBACK IN THE DAY …rewind

I was born into and grew up in an Entrepreneurial family. My young parents were farmers and had just purchased Meyer Farm Supply in Atkinson, Nebraska when I arrived on the scene. I literally grew up in the business, playing store, helping customers, climbing on stacks of feed bags and fertilizer, candling eggs, and testing cream. I loved visiting with some of the regular customers like Claude Raymer who always had a piece of gum in his pocket for me. I have great memories of my parents hosting “FREE Chick Day” when they served my mother’s homemade sloppy joe sandwiches, potato salad & baked beans and sold thousands of pounds of chick feed to go with the FREE baby chicks. Event marketing was alive and well way back then, and has forever been in my blood!

What I learned from my parents at a very young age, is that no matter what product we were selling, we were in the PEOPLE BUSINESS. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling purses, jewelry, insurance, food, cars, or are in the service business and are a plumber, builder or painter, you are in the people business. In sales, once you develop great people skills, you can choose about any industry to excel in. I heard someone recently say that a great salesperson will never be out of a job…they may be selling something “else”, but they can always find something to promote. The common denominator here is that we always need to find creative ways to communicate with our existing or soon to be clients. Over the years the methods may change, but the message is still the same.

In 1968, my parents sold Meyer Farm Supply and moved their young family, which now included five daughters, to follow their dreams of entrepreneurship in Southern California. Over the years, they were involved in several different ventures including one with Colonel Harlan Sanders, of Kentucky Fried Chicken, but they were always taking care of people. We had a home office and were taught at a very young age to answer the phone properly, take messages, ship out product, file paperwork, return calls promptly and to be cordial to everyone. Another skill they insisted on was that we look our customers right in they eye, shake their hand, and be professional at all times. All of this invaluable education was happening while we were very young, and of course it transferred over to how we interacted with our teachers, coaches, and other people in the community. That respect for other people that had been instilled by our grandparents, flowed down through our parents, and into our generation. I am so thankful for this legacy we were blessed with.

FAST FORWARD …fast-forward

Eventually, I grew up, married the man of my dreams, and moved back east to the farmlands of Kansas, and another entrepreneurial adventure began. But those same people skills, the importance of communication, and dedication to service came along with me. Although the methods have changed over the years, the message never changes…Our clients are the lifeblood of our business, and we must communicate our appreciation for them on a very regular basis.

Vicki Image Cropped SquareToday, I am passionate about helping Entrepreneurs and Retailers reach the next level in creating a successful business using Relationship Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.
With over 30 years experience as a retailer in a small community, I have developed skills and methods designed to build your TRIBE of outstanding clients and bring them through your doors!

Vicki Meyer Adrian

Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity!