10 Ways to Engage with your Clients TODAY!

Genuine Engagement!

One of the things that sets independently owned businesses apart from the cookie cutter chain stores is that we are more likely to converse and engage on a personal level with our clients.  At least that is the goal of most store owners and managers!  However, unless you have a PLAN that can be executed, and your team knows exactly what you are expecting from them in the area of customer interaction, this important technique for building a Rock Solid Client List may not be happening in your business.

Remarkable Retailer-2Have you strategically engaged with your clients today, this week, this month?  Today, we’re going to talk about 10 Ways you can Engage with Your Clients TODAY! 

We’ve been talking about Customer Service being the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY of every member of your team from the CEO down to the people on the front line.  So today, we’re going to share some ideas for how each person on your team can contribute to improving your Client Engagement.


Our first 5 are ways we can engage with our clients BEHIND THE SCENES, and the second 5 are ways we can engage with our clients when they are INSIDE our business.

Countdown to 10 Top Ways you can Engage with Your Clients TODAY!

Behind the Scenes…

Pick up the10.  Pick up the Phone!  Have your staff (or yourself) pick up the phone and call at least 10 clients from your list this morning.  If you’re not busy, keep going. What can you say?  Thank them for being a great customer.  Let them know what specials you have going on, tell them about a new product line or item that has just arrived. Let them know that THEY are a VIP! Create a Client Call Log and make sure this is on the daily responsibility list for your staff.  Our sales team members are responsible to call 5 to 10 clients per day, and on slower days, to keep on calling!

9.  Send a Gift Certificate!  Choose 10 or more people on your VIP list and send them a card with a $10 or $20 Gift Certificate good on their next visit.  Again, let them know that you appreciate their business, and you want THEM to be the first to stop by and see your new arrivals!

8.  Get your Weekly Email OUT!  Has your Weekly Email gone out yet?  If not, create one that is short and sweet and get it SENT!  Pick 3 things to feature, and remember to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, then sell!  You could include a How-to Video, a Recipe and a Product Feature.  Remember to keep it personal…this email is coming from YOU, not from a big corporation so keep it chatty!  Make sure you click the “Archive Email” button so you can re-purpose it into your social media channels.

Pick up the-47.  Re-Purpose Email Content to Facebook!  Now, that your email has been sent, go back in and find the URL and include the link in your Facebook Posts today and over the next few days. Using the articles, features and photographs from your email, cut, copy and past into several Facebook or Twitter Posts.  There is no need to re-invent the wheel! Use your weekly email as the source for inspiration for your social media each week. This brings even more value to your customers!

6.  Batch Facebook Posts!  Spend 30 minutes and create several Facebook Posts and schedule them to run later today and over the next few days. Remember to KEEP it SOCIAL!  Offer recipes, how to videos, links to local events, school events, random holidays, etc. Feature the same products you just sent in the email…just get them created! No excuses! It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be done!

Using the 5 steps above will bring clients in through your doors, now here are 5 steps you and your staff can take when they arrive~

5.  Start a Conversation!
 Warmly greet each customer as they come in to your store.  Ask where they are from, what brings them in, comment on their cute shoes, sweet baby, sports team they are wearing, etc.  START A CONVERSATION! There is nothing worse than going into a store full of staff members that DO NOT TALK TO YOU! Be warm and friendly! This is something that you will need to TRAIN your staff to do, and they will need to be reminded consistently.

4.  Teach and Inform!  ONLY AFTER you have struck up a conversation with your guests, then let them know about your specials or new arrivals in the store.  No one likes to be bombarded the moment they arrive! Take time to find out what they are interested in, then guide them to the products that will interest them.

Pick up the-73.  Speak with Energy and Enthusiasm!  Make sure that EVERY staff member speaks to anyone they are in close proximity to.  I don’t know about you, but I find our team members get busy working on a task and they are so focused on it that they can walk right by a customer and not say a word.  We all need these reminders of what is the most important responsibility in our business, and that NEVER changes…It is ALWAYS to take care of the GUESTS that are in our store or business!

2.  Let Guests Know what Sets you Apart! Make sure guests know about the special services you offer…Complimentary Gift Wrap, Shipping or Gourmet Samples & Beverages you might be serving.  Also make sure your team members are serving your customers by taking their selections to the register area so they are not having to carry items around…You want to be sure your customer’s arms are empty and free to shop!

1.  Be Personal!  Engage with your guests by taking photos of their group and emailing them a copy, find out their NAME, (you can always say, “I’m so sorry…Having a Brain Blip, Remind me of your name???) Offer restaurant suggestions, directions to their next stop, and don’t forget to ask them to Join your VIP List so you can INVITE THEM BACK again and again!

Specialty Businesses must make serving clients their TOP PRIORITY or they won’t be around long enough to build that Rock Solid Client List that we’ve been talking about. It is up to us to create systems to ensure that our clients are being taken care of on every visit.  We must have procedures in place so that we consistently reach out to our customers by way of phone calls, thank you cards, emails, social media and more.


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Until next time…Remember, you always have choices in life… Choose to be Remarkable!

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