Podcast 002: Top 10 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Habits of Highly Successful-2

Thank you for taking time to listen to today’s Remarkable Retailer Podcast. Today we’re going to talk about 10 qualities & characteristics that successful entrepreneurs share.

  1. They get up early and make effective use of their time
  2. Leaders are Readers! They are voracious readers, – Never stop learning!
  3. They have learned the art of networking and asking questions, and are very willing to learn from beginners in their industry as well as seasoned veterans.
  4. They are list makers… A favorite tool of mine is the Wunderlist App. I personally love this simple app!
  5. They “Do the Work” which is also the title to a great book by Steven Pressfield. (I will include link in show notes).
  6. They are professional…this business is not their hobby, it is their profession.
  7. They lead with a servant heart.
    1. They care about their customers and their staff
    2. They freely credit others for their success
    3. They are givers – both with their time and their resources. Terri King
  8. Successful entrepreneurs schedule time away to work ON their business, not IN their business. (Carol & Nancy planning session)
  1. Remarkable Retailers and Entrepreneurs embrace change and know that how they did business last year or even last month, needs to be improved upon.
  2. Exceptional entrepreneurs surround themselves with others who are smarter than they are! Jim Rohm quote “You are the average of the FIVE people you spend the most time with.” Start your own Mastermind Group, Join a private Facebook group that is related to your industry, and be an active participant!

I hope today’s episode has challenged to you some way, whether it is to get up an hour earlier (do this in 15 minute increments, btw), to take yourself OUT of your business for an hour or two this week so you can work ON your business, or to call a colleague from half way across the country and start your own Mastermind Group. Being on the Journey to Remarkable is not a sprint, it is a marathon where we must pace ourselves…The success is truly in the journey, not at the finish line.

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Thank you for joining us today for this episode of “Remarkable Retailer.” I hope you’ve found some tips, tools and tactics for taking your business to the next level. Until next time…Remember, you always have choices in life… Choose to be Remarkable!

Action Items:

Set alarm 15 minutes earlier each night, then resist hitting the snooze button. Get up, get dressed and get productive in this precious hour of quiet each morning.

Call another professional in your network and just chat about business for a few minutes. Add this as a calendar item to each week’s schedule.

READ! Download or purchase a book today that will encourage and inspire you!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit today! We’ll look forward to seeing you next week! In the meantime, please leave a comment below, or join the conversation on the Remarkable Retailer Facebook Page.

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